Itˇ¦ll be a long time for reconstruction but the education of our children cannot be stoppedˇK

Chite Charitable Trust Fund Needs Your Great Help as to the Children Affected by the Floods in Typhoon Morakot

    Typhoon Morakot brought Southern Taiwan a severe catastrophe in August 2009, which several schools were entirely or partially destroyed and which caused hundreds of casualties. The floods makes many children homeless thus they have to face the pressure from living and education independently. Chite Charitable Trust Fund cares and is willing to help those children in need. We expect to give financial assistance to those kids who are unable to afford the tuition for necessary education, and let them have education and dignity as other kids do. Itˇ¦s expected to relieve people in stricken areas and help the work of reconstruction. We listened to the demands of the victims and provided those students with emergent assistance and necessary commodities within the first time, hoping these kids can go to school without any pressure for living. However, the reconstruction is a long way to go. As the saying ˇ§Many a little makes a mickleˇ¨ goes, we need more friends to give your hands for the reconstruction such as long/mid term assistance to the victimized students, psychological consultation, education, school reconstruction, and the demands for education materials & facilities. Please spare your love to help the victimized students continue their way to education. If you find any student needing the emergent assistance, please contact us as soon as possible.