Donation Account:

A. Foreign Currency Account:

Wired money to banking account:

Name¡GKing¡¦s Town Bank

Address¡GNo.506,Sec.1,Shi-men Road, Tainan,Taiwan, R.O.C.

Account Name¡GChite Charitable Trust Fund

Account Number¡G001-58-001511-1

Routing Number(SWIFT,ABA)¡GTNBBTWTN001

B. New Taiwanese Dollars Account:

Name: King¡¦s Town Bank (Tainan Ta Tong Branch)

Account Name: Chite Charitable Trust Fund

Account Number: 023-12-0132172

(The invoice will be issued and sent out after the donation has been entered into the account.)

Thanks for Your Benevolence!

The status of the implementation of the reconstruction will be regularly updated and published on the website of ¡§Chite Charitable Trust Fund¡¨ and the name of donators will be also listed.